"I started training with Jeff in preparation to return back to my Broadway show after having my first child. I was completely overwhelmed with the idea of being a new mom, returning back to work and wearing costumes that were made for me BEFORE baby. I now look back a year later and l know I made the right decision to work with him. Not only did Jeff calm my nerves and fears about returning to working out after having a baby; his expertise in all matters fitness and health helped alleviate any stress I had. During our sessions all and any questions were answered without judgement and I always left him feeling as if I gained a bit of his knowledge. And it doesn't hurt that he is a genuinely nice, friendly, accommodating, funny, fit and smart guy. And I ended up accomplishing my goal which was to lose fat and build muscle while working out with him, and I look and feel fantastic in my costumes and in my regular clothes. Do yourself a favor and call him. It will be the best decision you could make for yourself."



"Jeff has changed my life. Set-by-set, meal-by-meal, he has guided me in transforming by behaviors around fitness and nutrition. I've seen awesome physical results, but even more important are the skills, knowledge, and confidence Jeff has shared with me over the last four months. It's proven a game changer in how I plan my day to ensure my health makes the priority list amidst a chaotic New York schedule. He is the best kind of coach: expert, positive, versatile, patient. When I present excuses, he presents undeniable solutions. He challenges me to rethink and push through my self-imposed limits. Pre-Jeff, I had never ventured off the treadmill or engaged with free weights. With his consistent encouragement and counsel, I now regularly run in Central Park and look forward to our workouts of deadlifts, squats, and cleans. I don't know what I would do without him!"



"I have trained with Jeff Kloepping twice a week for over a month now. Our hour-long workouts, which are different every session, are intense, but not unbearably strenuous. He is able to strike a balance between working out areas of my body that I specifically want to tone, and also strengthening the rest of my body. He is careful to push me to my limit without yelling at me (like in reality TV shows) or injuring me. I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall fitness: walking up stairs is easier, yoga practices are more enjoyable due to my increased flexibility and strength, and I am able to run faster and longer on the treadmill. I physically look better and feel more positive. I also now enjoy working out rather than dread it. Jeff also gives me nutritional advice, which I have benefited from greatly."



"Jeff is the best there is. I've worked with many trainers in my life. I'm even a certified trainer myself, although I don't practice. I've been published in all the major health and fitness magazines and the bottom line is this: Jeff is the trainer that trainers turn to when they're looking for that extra knowledge, that extra skill, that extra motivation and compassion, that extra edge. And Jeff delivers them all with professionalism, a smile and the best rates in town."



"Jeff and I, have been training 4 times a week for 4 months. The results I am seeing in the gym, week after week, are impressive. In the first 2 months, I added 10 Ibs of lean muscle weight. His nutritional guidance and his persistence to make sure that I also include cardio exercises in my weekly exercise regimen, have paid off handsomely. I have kept the muscle gained. His attention to detail, such as proper form and posture and his intuitive feel for what's right, incrementally, as far as exercises and weight are concerned, is far superior to any experience I've had before, with other trainers. He's a hard taskmaster, yet keeping the exercises variable and individually focused on the goals I wish to attain, make training with him, a lot of fun. Before we commenced training together, I explained to him what my goals were. For example, I wanted to really work hard on my legs, wanting to add more mass. Jeff has more than amply fulfilled that goal and we are working together, to go beyond that and sculpt what I have achieved. He is like a sculptor, with an artists eye for detail. I've gained the size that I desired, but he's taken it to another level, by making sure that I remain lean and fit. My vision of what I want to achieve with my body, has become his vision. His incredible, professional dedication and hard work, mirrors the hard work that I have put into our sessions. His focus is completely on our workouts when we work together."



"Jeff is a very attentive and personable trainer. He knows when to push to help you realize your true limits but more importantly also recognizes when to let you rest. His extensive knowledge of the latest trends and techniques in fitness reflect his passion for training others and allows him to tailor sessions based on your abilities. Whether you're male or female, young or old, trying to lose or gain weight, I'd recommend Jeff to help you in pursuit of goal."



"My experience of training with Jeff has been highly motivational and my progress has exceeded my expectations. Even though I train with him at the end of a very long work day, I find myself excited and looking forward to the challenge of meeting his demanding and rigorous standards. Afterwards I generally feel recharged and genuinely pleased with my progress. Jeff is a total professional about his training. Throughout the entire session he remains tightly focused on the exercises and pays close attention to form demanding you give 100%. He is extremely knowledgeable about muscular physiology and takes great care to ensure that you understand how to gain lean muscle mass while avoiding injury. He keeps the workouts interesting by changing the routine, his thoroughness and being a fun guy to be around. I would strongly recommend Jeff as a personal trainer to anyone serious about working out and attaining a positive sense of well being."



"Jeff has been training me now for about 6 months, and I'm pretty happy with the experience so far. Jeff is passionate about having me achieve my goals, taking them on as if they were his own…Jeff arrives for every workout reminding me of what I'm trying to achieve…I always finish every workout feeling challenged, and pumped. It's great working out with a trainer like Jeff, who knows what I'm trying to achieve, and continually pushes me to get there…"



"In the year and a half I have been working with Jeff, I have seen incredible results and changes to my body that everyone has noticed. Not only is Jeff a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer, he is also a motivator. He challenges me every session and the results speak for themselves."



"I've been working out with Jeff since March 2011. I can see a transformation in my body shape - my body is tighter and firmer - and my clothes fit better. Jeff pushes me harder in my work outs than I would ever do on my own and I've been able to achieve results with him that I struggled to attain when I exercised alone. When I told him of a new goal recently, he created a work out regimen to help get me there. Jeff consistently challenges me such that the exercises are not boring or repetitive. He encourages and motivates me regularly so that I don't become complacent. With his help and guidance I've been able to lose weight, keep it off, and live a healthier lifestyle."



"I've worked with several trainers and Jeff is above average in dedication, knowledge, and commitment to his craft. He designs new routines frequently to continue pushing my limits and avoid workout boredom. Jeff not only listens and incorporates what I need into my workouts but also remembers from session to session the minor details we are working around and with. Beside the fact that he's a great guy all you have to do is look at him to see that he lives his life for fitness."



"I like to think it was serendipity that Jeff was the one that opened the gym door that day 4 months ago and welcomed me in. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. Patient and a great listener, Jeff has encouraged and motivated me to push past my self imposed limits. Under Jeff's guidance I've lost 40 lbs in 4 months (as of 2/4/12 Lydia has lost 80+ lbs.) We've set future goals, which I have, no doubt we will achieve. . He genuinely cares about how I feel about myself and his one on one personal approach sets him apart from all the rest!"



"I've had Jeffrey as my Personal Trainer for about six months. The routines he creates for me is based on the goals we have discussed and differ from workout to workout. No two are the same which is greatly appreciated as working out can become quite mundane without diversity. Jeffrey is quite professional and never boring. I enjoy his workouts immensely. He encourages me when I feel like quitting and doesn't take no for an answer. I highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer."



"Jeffery is very special in the world of personal trainers-not only does he know all the best exercises and routines--he listens to you,to what you want and need, then designs a very personalized routine that will challenge you and give you enough variety to keep from getting bored The only problem is he makes you do lunges even though you hate them. He's the best investment you can make for your life and good health."



"Jeff's workouts really changed the way I look and feel about myself. I have tried to work out on my own, worked with different trainers, but this could not deliver the results I wanted. Jeff's hour is a very intense, thoughtfully managed and always interesting training session. The exercises are well balanced, challenging numerous muscle groups of your body at once. He makes monotonous training exciting, hardly repeats exercises and brings new elements to unimaginative sit-ups. Jeff pays extreme attention to the quality of the workout and never misses a count. Yes, he makes you work a lot. A lot. But this is the best part of it. And in addition to all of this, Jeff is professional, reliable, punctual, and a great listener. Simply, Jeff is the best trainer I've ever had."



"Dear Jeff, I want to you to know that you have changed my life. Even though you make me work hard you make it fun. Never boring because every time I see you i do not know what you are going to come up with to torture me. But in the end I thank you for it. In the last 3 months I feel so much better and the most important thing is that you really care. Your emails when I travel always remind me not to forget to eat correctly and try to work out. Thank you and I really look forward to continuing working with you. You are the best!!!"



"Jeff is the kind of TRAINER who pushes you so hard that you never want to see him again, but the kind of GUY who is so compassionate that you keep coming back for more. He is serious about fitness, and he is genuinely interested and invested in his clients' goals and progress. He's the last trainer I'll ever hire!"



"I have worked with Jeffrey as a client over a span of two years. Jeffrey is the silent killer of personal trainers! Because I have a backround in fitness and am an entertainer and know my body well, his attention to my goals is amazing. He is committed to my hour and knows what I need so I can work independently and produce the results I want until the next time I schedule a session with him."



I have been exposed to different aspects of fitness my entire life. Throughout my childhood I played a variety of sports, but my favorite was basketball, which I continued to play throughout high school. I also learned the ropes of weightlifting at an early age from going to the gym with my dad, but it wasn't until the age of 19 that fitness became a part of my daily routine.

When I started consistently working out in 2004 I was 6'1" and 160lbs. Today, in 2012, I am 6'3" and 225lbs. I've put on 65lbs of lean muscle over the past 8 years. When I first started it took about 6 months before I noticed results, but once I did and started to hear positive feedback, I was hooked for life. Two years later, in 2006, I had completely changed my body. That is when I decided I wanted to help other people with their own transformations.

I got certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer and began working at a gym called Quest Total Fitness in New Jersey. It was a great place to begin my career and gain experience. After about 6 months of working at Quest, I decided to venture into New York City and began working at Golds Gym and Equinox, where I remained for several years. Having built up my own clientele, I am excited about the opportunity to expand my own fitness business of private personal training.

As of 2017, I have 11+ years of experience as a personal trainer and am looking forward to evolving my career even further in the coming years. This is not just a "job" for me, this is my dream and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to pursue a career that I am so personally passionate about. When I'm not training my clients or myself, I'm reading up to date research articles and books about fitness, attending fitness workshops, or studying for new certifications. I'm constantly continuing my education to be a better trainer. Fitness has completely changed my life and I don't know what I would do without it. That is why I became a personal trainer. I wanted to share my experiences and help others reach their goals. I wanted to change lives. What could be more rewarding in life? I wake up everyday to do something I love and at the same time I'm able to make a difference in the lives of others.


Fat loss/weight loss

Muscle and strength development

Core strengthening and stabilization


Flexibility training

Cardio/endurance training

Intense circuit training

Functional training

Sports performance training

Balance training

Pre/post rehabilitation



ACSM Certified
Health and Fitness Specialist

Performance Enhancement

TRX Instructor

KBC Kettlebell Instructor

Training the Pregnant and Postpartum

CPR American Red Cross

Myofascial Compression Techniques

USA Weightlifting Coach

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